We Aim To Please


ATP (Aim to Please) Pest Control services all types of farms including:image1

  • cash crop
  • hog
  • broiler
  • layer
  • dairy

We also provide programs designed specifically for organic products and producers.

ATP (Aim to Please) Pest control protects your farm business from all types of pests. We protect your crops from insects such as weevil, flour beetles, Indian meal moths, darkling beetles, or other stored product pests. We also protect your product and buildings from damage caused by Norway rats and field and house mice.

To provide chemical free protection from insect attack to your grain and feed storage areas, we offer preventative treatments with diatomaceous earth. It does not lose effectiveness over time in a dry environment. It keeps working. We will also treat the top and other pest entry points after the bin is filled to offer extended protection.

If required, fumigation can be performed within MOE guidelines. ATP takes the special needs of your farm business into setting up a custom program designed specifically for you. We minimize interference in your work and maximize results. We protect your product and your reputation.

Here is how your custom plan works for you.


A thorough inspection is the first step to a successful program. This inspection identifies pests and their location. It also identifies places or conditions that may be conducive to future pest activity. This includes finding entry points for rats and mice, and leaks or openings that allow insect activity.


Frequently, the initial inspection will reveal problems in certain areas that require special attention. These problems may involve sanitation or structural issues that need to be addressed. We provide advice on how to alter structures or procedures to minimize pests.


Now we are ready to implement an “IPM” or Integrated Pest Management program. This means prevention and monitoring as well as elimination of pests. Lowest risk control methods are always preferred, however we can fumigate, spray and/or fog when necessary.  Services contracted can be adjusted to reflect changes in your business as it grows.


Communication is key to a successful pest management program. We provide a customized log book for your business. It will contained required insurance certificates, licences, product labels, MSDS sheets, as well as results from regular monitoring and treatment activities. It also contains a communications section where anyone in your organization can document pest issues to be addressed by us. Site maps are included if needed. Reporting can be on paper or electronically; the choice is yours. The documentation will satisfy CIPRS, HACCP, CFIA or any in-house audit requirements.

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