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Flies - Latrine

latrine flies

Fannia scalaris, the latrine fly, is a member of the Fanniidae family of flies, which has over 250 species within it, including the little house fly.  The latrine fly is smaller than the house fly Musca domestica and similar to the little house fly, Fannia canicularis.

Latrine flies are found all over the world and are typically associated (as their name implies) with manure and unsanitary conditions in moist areas.  They may also be associated with decomposing bodies or carcasses.  The life cycle can last from 15 - 30 days depending on the temperature.  In some cases they have been known to become a parasite of humans, causing myiasis, the infestation of a body cavity by fly maggots.

Latrine Fly Management

The best means of latrine fly management is proper manure management.  If manure is not the issue, it is the moist organic debris and material to which they are attracted to that needs to be sanitized.  For instance, in a restaurant, this could mean drain cleaning and upkeep, floor sanitation, dumpster sanitation, or proper compost bin management.  If pesticide materials are applied, be sure to read and follow all labelled instructions.

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