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Rodents can cause a high risk to human health, damage personal effects and clothing, food, electrical wiring, insulation. The most effective prevention is control.

There are three main areas to controlling rodents.

First is to eliminate what might entice mice to your place of interest.

Food is probably the greatest attractant, from sources such as bird feeders, pet foods, human food supplies, garbage, compost, etc.

Shelter is another attractant – Mice do most of their eating in the dark. They try to stay out of sight from predators and therefore are attracted to harbour in wood piles, debris, construction lumber, under decks, etc. They will be attracted to the warmth of a building and will try to find points of entry. Second is to restrict entry points

If a mouse can fit it’s head through a hole, it will be able to squeeze it’s body through. Mice will chew holes to allow entry, especially around plumbing pipes. Steel wool stuffed around the holes will discourage entry. Crawl space screens should have a hole spacing of no more than one quarter inch mesh, and be tight fitting to the exterior. Holes in cement should be repaired with cement.

Third is to eliminate the pest.

Mechanical traps are better used to monitor the presence of mice rather that to control the pest. Bait is the most effective control when the mouse population is excessive. When using bait, tamper-proof bait stations should be used. Make certain the bait you choose has an antidote, in the unfortunate event that your pet or even children find some way to gain access to the bait.

Tracking powder should be used by a licensed pest control technician only.

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